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Thursday, May 24, 2018 @Dvorec Lanthieri, Vipava
Cavitation bubbles / Scientific evening
Wednesday, March 7, 2018 @Primorski tehnološki park
Roadshow Nova Gorica
Thursday, February 22, 2018 @Dvorec Lanthieri, Vipava
The first steps to the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
Thursday, February 15, 2018 @Primorski tehnološki park
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Monday, January 15, 2018 @Primorski tehnološki park
POPRI 2018

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Programmes for enterprising talents

Start:up Nova Gorica offers a variety of programmes for innovative and enterprising individuals who wish to find, test, or develop business ideas or who need help in launching their own business. 

Entrepreneurship competition POPRIEntrepreneurship experiment Startup weekend/days Nova GoricaLevelUP workshopsBusiness Meetups Nova GoricaBusiness Consulting National programmes

Programmes for start-up companies

We provide start-up teams with excellent business programmes, mentorship, and first-hand experience of both entrepreneurs and investors, along with the possibility of partaking in entrepreneurial events and media recognition.   
Start-up mentorship LevelUP workshopsStart-up school Nova Gorica Business Meetups Nova Gorica National programmesScientific Evenings 

Do you want to know how you can become a part of the start-up community of the Goriška region? Are you interested in the latest entrepreneurship trends and programmes? Which are the events you simply cannot miss?
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The Goriška region provides a creative and innovative setting, space, and infrastructure for an efficient and rapid development of your start-up company. 
The Primorska Technology Park building offers entrepreneurial space of contemporary design under flexible terms, which allows individuals or teams to efficiently build their business ideas, boost innovation and creativity, and collaborate or partner with other enterprising individuals. We offer several possibilities so we are sure you can find one that is right up your alley.
Innovative setting of the Start:up centre in Primorska Technology Park
    Tanja Kožuh  | CEO
    Primorska Technology Park is much more than just a stimulating working space. It is a meeting point that provides knowledge, mentorships, connections, and access to finance helping you transform your entrepreneurial idea into a successful business.
    Maja Vidič  | Project manager
    The team of Primorska Technology Park will help you – through mentors, experienced entrepreneurs, access to knowhow, and useful information – to turn your entrepreneurial idea into business much faster.
    Maja Rajer Obid  | Project manager for POPRI
    Becoming part of the ecosystem fostered by our Technology Park is an excellent opportunity for those with definite business idea. With the help of our experienced mentors and coaches we will help you develop your idea into a viable business model or a successful start-up company.
    Katja Pregelj  | Project management, PR and marketing
    Do you wish to be creative in an innovative entrepreneurial milieu, networking with entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors, all the while being provided with access to the latest business trends, events, and programmes? Join us under our Technology Park, where a dedicated team will help you develop your idea.
    Mitja Mikuž  | Business consultant
    Being an entrepreneur is definitely the most interesting and adrenaline-packed one. There are three crucial aspects to it: learning, speed, and focus. What start-ups under Technology Park will gain is the latest knowhow, focus on the right goals, and opportunities fostering rapid growth of the company.


A single conversation with the right person might save a year’s work!

Successful local entrepreneurs will help you develop your business idea, support you with difficult decisions and advise you on your company’s development and your strategies.

Mentor can help you with: Become a mentor! Suggest a mentor!



Matija Klinkon
Led Luks d.o.o.
Electrical engineer with a university degree and a connoisseur of LED-based lighting who loves to spend his free time taking photos and whose role model is Italian entrepreneur who is also the investor in his company. Matija, CEO of the start-up company LED LUKS d.o.o. bets on ingenuity, developing with his young team of colleagues LED lighting units based on specific market demand. More
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Multilingual books for children
MINI POLIGLOTINI multilingual books for children encourage early language learning and multilingualism. The texts of MINI POLIGLOTINI books are always presented in a combination of three languages. The books are dyslexia friendly. Books include a fairy tale, picture dictionary, didactic material, social game and didactic game. More
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    Mission and vision

    Start:up Nova Gorica is an innovative platform fostering entrepreneurial breakthrough of the town of Nova Gorica – being a university hub – and its regional and cross-border area. We want to make the Goriška region entrepreneur-friendly, putting it on a map of international hubs. The entity responsible for Start:up Nova Gorica is the Primorska Technology Park, which is one of the most notable and important stakeholders within Slovenia’s entrepreneurship & innovation ecosystem.  
    Start:up Nova Gorica on the one hand brings together successful local entrepreneurs, enterprises, educational institutions, mentors, and investors from the Goriška region, providing users with a thorough insight into young yet very ambitious entrepreneurship ecosystem of the region. 

    Co-creators of the programmes hosted by Start:up Nova Gorica in collaboration with Start:up Slovenia Initiative have provided everything that the town of Nova Gorica and the entire Goriška region need to realise business ideas: the most up-to-date business knowhow required to engage talents and launch start-ups, media recognition, modern offices, mentors, and access to financial resources. 

    Start:up Nova Gorica is a programme platform, open to any individuals or organisations who wish to contribute their share towards a developed, dynamic, and enterprising-talents-friendly region. 

    Our goals

    We have set rather ambitious targets by 2020:

    create 100 new businesses
    included in the programs
    of 220 corporate teams
    create 250
    new jobs

    Programme operator 


    Co-financiers of regional programmes


    National partners


    Partners knowledge-institutions


    Public co-financing of the setting up of the platform



    The Start:up Nova Gorica community is supported largely by three municipalities of the Goriška region, which are the holders of the Primorska Technology Park, the entity managing and coordinating the Start:up Nova Gorica platform. They are the Municipality of Nova Gorica with its base in Nova Gorica, the Municipality of Šempeter-Vrtojba with its base in Šempeter pri Gorici, and the Municipality of Renče-Vogrsko. Thanks to its talented and enterprising individuals, a well-established industrial zone, favourable location near the Ljubljana-Venice highway and four international airports (Venice, Treviso, Ljubljana, Trieste), closeness to the Italian border, and a number of cultural and natural heritage sites (e.g. Tombs of the Bourbons in Nova Gorica, Solkan Bridge over the Soča River, Vogrsko Mansion and Coronini Mansion in Šempeter, Kromberk Castle etc.) the Goriška region is an attractive area to live and work in.

    Nova Gorica, with its increased entrepreneurial opportunities, homes several innovative, fast-growing, and globally recognised companies which have been role models and driving forces and have created, together with newly emerging start-ups, a dynamic start-up community. 

    Goriška region



    Start:up Nova Gorica team

    My best entrepreneurial advice is to start.
    / Dave Morin, Path Co-founder
    Tanja Kožuh
    Primorski tehnološki park
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    Mitja Mikuž
    Primorski tehnološki park
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    Maja Rajer Obid
    Primorski tehnološki park
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    Katja Pregelj
    Primorski tehnološki park
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    Simon Marinič
    Primorski tehnološki park
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    Sanja Gorjan
    Primorski tehnološki park
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    Start:up Nova Gorica is a associate member of the initiative Start: up Slovenia

    Do you want to know how you can become a part of the start-up community of the Goriška region? Are you interested in the latest entrepreneurship trends and programmes? Which are the events you simply cannot miss?
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